Entertainment in San Leandro
Movies, Arcades, Go Carts, Bowling, Circuses, Miniature Golf, Bars, Night Clubs, Comedy Clubs, Billiard Parlors & Pool Halls, Jazz & Blues Cafes - WOW!.
San Leandro's entertainment scene is awesome. For individuals, families or kids you can find the most appropriate places to spend your time have fun.

Movie Theaters & Video Stores

Watch some of the latest movies at these movie theaters or rent some videos or games. Feel like a nice dinner and movie, then head to a restaurant first.

Nightlife in San Leandro

San Leandro's Nightlife sizzles with a ton of night clubs and bars, checkout all your options for nightlife in San Leandro

Bowling Alleys

Feel like some bowling, we have you covered, checkout these bowling alleys in San Leandro

Billiards and Pool Halls

If you are looking for something more relaxing then a game or two of pool at these billiard parlors might just be the solution.

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Entertainment in San Leandro

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